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[Commands] Hub Commands (Read 45 times)


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[Commands] Hub Commands
September 27, 2017, 04:18:39 PM
Need to know HubCommands:

/server <name> - Will take you to whatever Server Name you type.
/servers - Will open the HazyCraft Server GUI
/m - Opens the HazyCraft Main Menu GUI.
/spawn - Will Teleport you back to the spawn. Use if your stuck.
/mail - Custom Message system for sending and receiving messages in-game.
/vote - Opens Voting GUI. Click the Books to Display Links.
/music - Opens Music GUI. Click on record to start a song.
/mb - Opens MysteryBoxes GUI. Click to open Boxes if you have any available.
/carl - Opens Delivery Man GUI. Click the Emeralds to Claim Rewards.
/warp Elytra - Teleport you to Elytra Flying Platform.
/friends - Opens the Friends GUI.

/cosmetics - Opens the Cosmetics GUI.
/chatcolor - Opens the Chat Color GUI.
/namecolor - Opens the Name Color GUI.
/itemcolor - Opens the ItemColor GUI.
/elytra - Opens the Elytra Trails GUI.
/bow - Opens the Bow Trails GUI.
/deatheffects - Opens the Death Effects GUI.
/emote - Opens the Emote GUI.
/d - Opens the Disguise GUI.
/petblock - Opens the Pet Block GUI.

/acid - Takes you to the Acid Islands Server.
/creative - Takes you to the Creative Server.
/factions - Takes you to the Factions Server.
/hub - Takes you to the Hub Server.
/skyblocks - Takes you to the SkyBlocks Server.
/skygrid - Takes you to the SkyGrid Server.
/survival - Takes you to the Survival Server.
/parkour - Takes you to the Parkour Server.
/vanilla - Takes you to the Vanilla Server.

/buy - Opens Rank Donation Menu
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