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[Commands] Factions Commands (Read 37 times)


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[Commands] Factions Commands
September 27, 2017, 01:49:00 PM
Need to know FactionsCommands:

/home <name> - Will teleport you wherever you set your /sethome
/homes - Will show you the names of all the Homes you have created.
/sethome <name> - Will create a Home Teleport with whatever name you set.
/delhome <name> - Will delete your Home with whatever name you set.
/f help - Shows a Faction Help Menu with all the Commands you need.
/ce - Opens the Custom Enchantments menu.
/shop - Open the Shop GUI.
/spawnershop - Opens the Spawner Shop GUI.
/ah - Opens the Auction House GUI.
/bottle - Used to exchange EXP for EXP Bottles.
/ec - Opens the EnderChest Menu
/stats - Opens GUI that displays all your In-Game Stats.
/warp - Opens Warp GUI where you can Buy and Sell Warps.
/rtp - Random Teleport takes you to a random place in the world.
/kit - Opens the Kit menu where you can select a Kit.
/spawn - Will Teleport you back to the spawn. Use if your stuck.
/mail - Custom Message system for sending and receiving messages in-game.
/vote - Opens Voting GUI. Click the Books to Display Links.
/hub - Sends you back to the Hub.
/buy - Opens Rank Donation Menu
/server - Displays all the HazyCraft Servers.

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